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Maritime Portals, gateways, & marine resources

• International Register of Shipping
• Freightworld Seaports
• Cargo Port Links for seaports around the world.
• Maritime Mobile Service Network
• Marine Weather Links
• National Data Buoy Center Real Time Data. NDBC moored buoy, C-MAN, and drifting buoy ( weather ) data are available in real-time.
• Sea Conditions are shown from sea bouys.
• Marine Digest Maritime Links page
• World Clock has the current time in 120 cities around the world.
• Lloyds List is a world leader in the provision of shipping, maritime, trade, insurance, energy and legal business intelligence.
Maritime & Marine Software

• The 21st Century Sailing Simulator (Interactive 3D sailing simulator)
• Barber Software Solutions (BASS, integrated shipping software for fleet management)
• Battlefleet Commander (Free computer game pitting the Royal Navy against the German Kriegsmarine)
• BebinkaSoft Nautical Software (Visual sEa Log digital log and EzWind wind prediction software)
• BevelGage for Boatbuilders
(Software that does design, geometric, and shop calculations and provides materials, tooling, and fastener information for boatbuilders, marine designers and marine surveyors)
• Boats & Boats (CDROM containing information, images and layout plans for over 1,350 pleasure boats from the 1970s through the 1990s)
• Boatworks Marine Maintenance Software
(A subscription maintenance management system for vessels of all kinds)
• The C2C BlueWater Fish Finder (Computer programs that allow the user to gather and interpret data for finding blue water fish)
• BSG Developments
(SailPack sail design software)
• The Cap'n, Nautical Technologies
(Electronic charting and navigation software)
• CombiTech (Mscan & Mscan Meteo programs to receive and transmit, SSTV & fax images, & NAVTEX & RTTY meteorological data via radio)
• Des Newman's OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software
• dKart Navigator Maritime Navigation Software
(Uses C-Map and S-57 vector maps)
• EasyNav (Low cost software for marine navigation)
• Easy Track Boating and Yachting Maintenance and Trip Log Software
Eldridge TideWare (Real-time tide, current and coastal map software)
• Flash Data
(Sells a database program to look up Florida or US Coast Guard registered boat owners)
• Force Ten Software
(OnBoard Yacht Management Software for Windows)
• The Fred's Place Careware Ship's Bell Program
(With alarm)
• Fugawi Navigation Software for GPS Receivers
• Gateway Multimedia
(The Wheelhouse Companion on CD-ROM
• Global Navigation Software Co.
(PC chart plotter, GPS, celestial, ARPA, Free-ware demo chart plotter for the navigator who can find his/her way around using a sextant and compass)
• GPSBabel
(Software to convert waypoints, tracks, and routes from one format to another)
• GPSdb (Shareware application to help maintain waypoints, tracks, routes, etc. for Garmin GPS systems)
• GPS Utility
(A shareware program for manipulating GPS information) GPSy (Macintosh GPS communications and GIS mapping program)
• Great Lakes Marine Specialties
(Computer software, NMEA interfaces, power conditioners)
• Gregg Carlson's SailForm
(Freeware 3-D sail visualization and design program)
• HMS Surprise (A frigate simulator for Windows 95 & NT)
(Shareware GPS/Mapping Software)
• ICAN (Electronic charting software, electronic charting systems)
• Information Management Consultants Ltd.
(IMC, satellite communications software)
• Information Technology Systems, LLC. (Barge tracking and fleet management software, , government technology consulting, and web development services for the marine transportation industry)
• JDMCox Software
(USAPhotoMaps creates scrollable/zoomable, GPS compatible aerial photo or topo maps from data from Microsoft's Terraserver)
• Jeppesen Marine
(Electronic charting software, training software)
• JTides
(Paul Lutus's free graphical tide prediction software)
• KiwiTech Marine Solutions (Navigation software)
• Laser Plot Inc. (Maker of the ChartNav chartplotter and Sea-D electronic charts)
• Laytime Management System
(shipping software)
• Lightspeed Marine Dealer Management Software

• Linden Software
(Navigation and tide prediction software)
• Local Knowledge
(Real-time currents & navigation software from Goflow)
• Macneil's Seamanship Examiner
(A PC CD-ROM Based study aid for mariners from cadet through to master)
• Mad River Research
(Test preparation software for the US Coast Guard engineers exam)
• Magic Instinct Software
(Linux and MacOSX software for navigation, real time seafloor mapping and georeferenced underwater digital video)
• Maptech
(Digitized charts and navigation software)
• Marine Software Limited
(Maintenance, stock control, purchasing, dry-dock specifications, cost control systems and bespoke programming)
• Marine Computing International Ltd. (Boat managenent, navigation, weather, communications software, games)
• Martindale's Sailing Calculators On-Line
• MaxSea Marine Software (Navigation software)
• MightyGPS (Seller of navigation software, GPS maps, antennas, accessories)
• Nautical Shareware
(Navigation and weather)
• Nautical Software, Inc.
(Tides and currents on electronic charts)
• NavAid Software for Mariners
(Software package which simulates the light flashing sequences of all major buoys and lightstations)
• Naval Warfare Simulations
(Computer games)
• Navigator Light (Navigation software, online almanac, celestial navigation fundamentals)
• Nobeltec Corporation
(Marine navigation software)
• Nomad Electronics
(Pocket Stars celestial navigation software for Pocket PCs)
(Links to navigation software for PDAs)
Peter Bennett's NMEA-0183 and GPS Information (Also tide and current prediction programs and navigation programs)
• Pinpoint Systems International
(Electronic charting products)
• ProMar Software
(Waypoint for Windows navigation software)
• Raytheon Marine
(RayTech Navigator software)
• SailFlow Sail Performance Prediction Software
SailPlan (Navigation software)
• Sail Simulator & Motorboat Simulator US

• SeaClear
(Freeware PC navigation software)
• Sea Cow Games
(Offshore Sailing sail training game)
• Sea Information Systems & Thomas Gunn Navigation Services
(Navigation software, charts, Admiralty Notices to Mariners. UK)
• Sea Innovations
(Mariners Log vessel management software)
• Shipanalysis
(Software for the shipping industry)
• ShipBase 2002
(Free ship database software)
• ShipPlotter
(Displays complete information about ships that are within VHF range of your position using the Universal Automatic Identification System, AIS)
(Navigation & piloting software)
• Southern Seas Marine
(Australian distributor of Nobeltec navigation software, digital charts & maps)
• Starpath School of Navigation
(Classroom and home study, software, books, Seattle)
• Stentec Software
(Boat design, sailing simulation and navigation software)
• S_tide, A Tide Prediction Program (Shareware)
• Stormy Weather SoftWare
(Tide, Morse code, race results shareware)
• TactiX
(Racing and performance software for day-racing)
• Valve Gear on the Computer
(A DOS program that simulates steam engine valve gears of all sorts)
• Virtual Sailor ("The virtual sailing simulator")
• Virtual Skipper
(3D, real-time simulator of sailing races in the world's most famous coastal areas)
• Walt Bilofsky's Tide Tool Tide Computation Software for Palm Handhelds
• Waterman Services
("Suppliers of computer solutions for the mariner", Vancouver, BC)
• Waypoint (Navigation software)
• The Wolf Bay Group Yard-Manager System
(Boatyard job cost management software)
• WXTide32
(Free tide and current predic
Electronics, Instruments & Communications

• Anchor Express
(Online retailer of marine electronics and GPS equipment, Quincy, Massachusetts)
• Aqua-Vu (Tiny remote underwater video cameras)
• At Sea Electronics, Inc.
(US and international distributor for marine radio/tv entertainment antenna systems manufactured by Naval Electronics AB of Malmo, Sweden)
• AutoNav Marine Systems Inc.
(Marine computers, network instruments, autopilots)
• Bethel Marine Electronics Inc. (A Florida based retail and wholesale marine electronics dealer for all major brands of equipment)
• BlackWatch Marine
(Online sales of gauges and instruments)
• BlueRay Marine Boating Security Systems
Bluewater Books & Charts (Navigation instruments)
• Brunei Bay Radio
(HF radio and HF e-mail services for recreation vessels in Asia, the NW Pacific, and Indian Ocean)
• Canadian Marine Wavespeedometer Ltd.
(Electronic speed measurement instruments)
• Celestaire Marine and Air Navigation Instruments
(Navigation computers)
• Centroid Products (Maker of computerized tank gauges)
• Coast to Coast Marine (Marine and fishing electronics sales)
• CruzPro Electronic Boat Instruments, Alarms and Monitors Dockyard Electrics (Sales of electronics and accessories, Chaguaramas, Trinidad)
• exoMarine
(Online sales of gauges and instruments)
• Faria Instruments (Engine monitoring gauges and meters)
(PDF copies of manuals for marine electronics)
• Furuno USA, Inc.
(Radar, fish finders, radios, etc.)
• Global Wireless
(HF radio maritime communications service provider)
• Glomex (Radio, TV & GPS antennas, cables and accessories, Italy)
• GPS Receiver Manufacturers, System Integrators, Equipment Suppliers, and Service Providers (Listing provided by the Canadian Space Geodesy Forum and the University of New Brunswick)
• Guardian Instruments
(Line tension and payout monitors, crane load monitoring instruments)
• Hamilton Global Management (Navigation equipment wholesaler, Latvia)
• H. F. Radio On Board
(Equipment for marine SSB, HAM, satellite, e-mail)
• Humminbird
(Manufacturer of fishfinders, GPS, radios and accessories)
• Icom America Marine Radios
• Information Management Consultants Ltd.(IMC, maritime data communications, satellite communications & software, internet connections)
• Inmarsat (Global mobile satellite communications)
• John's Cheapo Anemometer
(A windsurfer's inexpensive home-brew anemometer)
• Klein Associates Inc.
(Manufacturer of side scan sonar systems, sub-bottom profilers and related instruments and accessories, Salem, New Hampshire)
• Knotstick Sailboat Speedometers
(Simple, inexpensive strain measuring chip logs)
• Landfall Navigation
(Navigation equipment)
• Litton Guidance & Control Systems
(G&CS, a developer and producer of inertial navigation systems for military applications)
• Lowrance Electronics, Inc.
(Sonar, GPS, and aviation electronics)
• Magellan Systems (GPSs)
• Marble Marine Electronics
(Manufacturer of electronic equipment for commercial ships, The Netherlands) • Marine Computing International Ltd. (Navigation software and hardware)
• The Marine Electronics Homepage
(A Guide to marine electronics companies, sites and information around the world)
• The Marine Electronics Webring
MarineNet(Radio to internet high speed marine messaging services)
• MarinersXchange
(Marine consignment store, Steveston, British Columbia)
• Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd. (Side scan sonar systems)
• Maritime Mobile Service Network
(Amateur radio third party communications network)
• The Maritime Radio Historical Society Message Center Inc. (Marine/maritime communications, telephone answering services)
• Moor Electronics
(Sailing & trolling instruments)
• National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Naval Marine TV Antennas (Marine TV antenna systems for Navy, merchant shipping, work boats and fine yachts)
• NorCross Marine Products (Maker of portable fish finders and depth sounders)
• North Sea Navigator, Inc.(Magnetic compasses, compass adjusting service, clocks, barometers, sextants, plotting tools, charts, binoculars, radar reflectors, etc.)
• Ockam Instruments
(For racing sailboats)
• Pinpoint Systems International (Navigation hardware and software)
• Quest Telecom International
(Satellite communications systems)
• Raytheon Marine

• Richard Paul Russell Limited (Pocket anemometers)
• SailMail (Email services for yachts via marine HF SSB radio)
• Saint Brendan's Isle
(Mail, message and chandlery service to cruising clients who are living and traveling aboard their boats)
• Scantron Ltd.
(Seascan and Echoplus ground discrimination systems that interface with existing echosounders and plotters)
• Servicios Nauticos SRL
(Raytheon, Garmin, Shakespeare dealer, Colonia, Uruguay)
• Shakespeare Composites & Electronics
(Radios, fiberglass reinforced composite antennas)
• Simrad AS
(Manufacturer of Simrad, Shipmate, Robertson and Navico Marine electronics
• Snake River Electronics
(Maker of Acugage tank level monitoring systems)
• Speedtech Instruments
(Windspeed, waterspeed and depth gauges)
• Star Marine Depot (Online sales of marine electronics)
• Stratos (Marine satellite services, mobile satellite communications)
• Telson Communications
(GPS navigation equipment)
• Thomas Distributing
(NiMH batteries, chargers, etc.)
• Transas (Maker of navigation systems)
• Trimble Navigation Limited
("The GPS Solution")
• Uniden Electronics

• The University of Rhode Island Foundation(Marine electronics and other miscellaneous equipment for sale)
• Waterman Services ("Suppliers of computer solutions for the mariner", Vancouver, BC)
• Waypoint
(Computers, navigation equipment)
• The Wireless Watchman
(An onboard monitoring software security system based on GPS that tracks a boat twenty four hours a day seven days a week)
(Online sales of instruments to measure anything - flow, temperature, pressure, voltage, gas, more)
• Xantic
(Satellite communications service provider)
• XM Satellite Radio Service
Maritime Classified Ads

• Apollo Duck Australia (Free classified ads for boats, equipment, services and property)
• Apollo Duck Canada (Free classified ads for boats, equipment, services and property)
• Apollo Duck Ireland (Free classified ads for boats, equipment, services and property)
• Apollo Duck New Zealand (Free classified ads for boats, equipment, services and property)
• Apollo Duck South Africa (Free classified ads for boats, equipment, services and property)
• Apollo Duck UK (Free classified ads for boats, equipment, services and property)
• Apollo Duck US (Free classified ads for boats, equipment, services and property)
• (A directory of boat dealers and service centres, boats for sale & wanted listings)
• Boat Estate Online Boating & Marine Classifieds (Australia)
• (Free classifieds)
• Boat Owners World (Free classifieds)
• Boat Parts Network (New and used boat parts)
• The Boatreference (Second-hand & new, boats, sailing boats, motorboats, boat charters)
• Boats and Outboards (UK based site offering free ads for boats, outboards and marine equipment)
• Boatsville (Ads for new and used boats)
• BoatXchange - Used Boats - Sell a boat (Used boats for sale, boat auctions, boat classifieds)
• (Free boating classifieds)
• Fish 4 Fun (Fishing gear classified ads)
• Great Lakes Sail for Sale (Free classifieds)
• (Free photo classified ads for marine engines of all kinds)
• (Free photo classified ads for any pre-1970 powerboat or parts, antique, historic, classic, or just an old boat)
• Puget Sounder ("The online boating rag" free classifieds)
• Restore-Online (Ads for project boats and parts for sale and wanted)
• Rocky Mountain Boat & RV Net (Boat and RV classified ads)
• Small Boat Forum Free Classified Ads
• (Classified ads for all things old: boats, tools, boat hardware, and more)
• USBoatAds (Boat and watercraft classifieds, free photos in ads)
• (Free classified ads)
Maritime Auctions

• Admiralty Ship Sales (Ship auctioneers, Durban, South Africa)
• Advance Auctions (Marine auctions, Sydney, Australia)
(Boats and boating accessories auctions)
• Auction
(Accessories, collectibles, etc.)
• BoatXchange - Used Boats - Sell a boat
(Used boats for sale, boat auctions, boat classifieds)
•, Inc.
("Auctioning everything marine including boats and yachts")
• My Boat Link
(Collaborative marketplace for buying, selling, and trading boats, gear and accessories)
• Sailbay
(Marine online auctions)
• US Auctions (Specializing in the sale of insurance salvage and storm damaged boats)
Maritime Webcams

• Seaport Web Cams for pictures of various ports and docks.
• Allette Energy's Lake Cam
(Duluth, Minnesota)
• The Block Island New Harbor Webcam
• The Copper Harbor Webcam (Copper Harbor, Michigan)
• (Eagle Harbor, Michigan)
• The Friday Harbor WebCam
• The Great Lakes Aquarium Web Cam (A view of the harbor and lift bridge at Duluth)
• Great Lakes Maritime Institute Live Detroit River Cam (From the Dossin Great Lakes Museum on Belle Isle)
• Harbor Vista Park WebCam and Weather Conditions (Overlooking the Siuslaw River entrance, Florence, Oregon)
• The Kennebunkport WebCam
• The Lakeland Cam (Different photos of the English Lake District daily)
• The Maine Webcams Network
• The Mystic Seaport WebCam
• National Weather Service, Portland's Coastal Cams Collective
• The Newport, Oregon Skycam (Shots of Yaquina Bay and the port of Newport)
• Ocean Cams Around the World
• Oregon Coast Web Cameras
• Oregon/Washington Coast Weather Cams
• Panama Canal Live Cameras (Miraflores Locks, Gatun Locks, Centennial Bridge)
• SchoonerCam (Watching the building of the schooner Virginia in Norfolk, Virginia)
• The Scilly Webcam (Scilly Isles, UK)
• US Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Webcams

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