Industry Solutions
Industry Solutions

It's crucial for banks, brokerage firms and exchange houses to distribute information quickly and securely between & to each other. GNI offers convenient, cost-effective, easy to use and secure internet telex, fax and voice notification solutions to meet these needs. GNI's messaging solutions allow:

  • Real Time delivery of telex messages covering fund transfers, money exchange, trade confirmations, letters of credit etc.
  • Instant delivery of updates and announcements
  • Inform customer of account changes
  • Distribute newsletters & Press releases
  • Market new product and services

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Shore to Ship communications such as shipping schedules, bills of lading, weather alerts, reservations, confirmations, etc. still relay heavily on telex and fax messaging. GNI understands the importance of such communications to be delivered in a timely and secure manner.

GNI's shore-to-ship satellite communications include specialized delivery channels for Inmarsat telex & fax (A, B and C). With network links to major land earth stations (LES's), we offer quick, reliable message delivery with broad and accurate status information. Wherever your vessels happens to be, GNI's Email to Fax or Email to Telex service will find it and deliver the message.

GNI will soon be offering a complete portfolio of services covering all aspects of Ship to Shore and Shore to Ship communications, including fax, voice, email, telex and sms.

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Direct Marketing :
GNI understands the need for companies, especially in the exhibition and PR industries, to send thousands of personalized faxes or emails, virtually simultaneously. GNI's faxREACH, messageREACH and voiceREACH (provided by Xpedite Services) allow you to send the same document such as a flyer, a newsletter or any survey to countless recipients and at the fraction of the cost of other methods such as telemarketing or direct mail.

GNI will give you access to Xpedite's web interfaces or perform the job in house and send you a detailed report once it is done.

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ISP's & Wireless Carriers :

GNI understands the need for faster internet connectivity, especially with users who still use dial up connectivity. We are authorized resellers of SlipStream Data Inc who uses the fastest and most reliable acceleration and network optimization technology, to speed up access to the internet, emails and FTP over any network.

Deployed by more than 2000 service providers in over 40 countries, SlipStream's patented technology is the de facto standard in accelerated Internet access. SlipStream's superior technology improves the end user's online experience, increasing customer satisfaction, productivity and service adoption, without the need for additional infrastructure investment

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Residential VoIP Solution:
Internet Telephony is no longer the "next" big thing. The VoIP industry has evolved from being a cool technology, to a cost saving option, to a mainstream architecture for voice and enhanced services. In addition to dedicated ITSPs, traditional voice carriers now offer the integration of and migration to VoIP. The Voice over IP industry and Internet Telephony is a reality for thousands of homes, businesses, government agencies and other organizations who use it and benefit from it on a daily basis

Business Development Consultancy Services:
The telecom and technology industries are going through permanent technological and commercial changes which often lead companies to rethink or reassess their business strategies. GNI SAL can help telecommunications and technology providers looking to deploy in the Middle East and Africa regions, make better, faster decisions and improve profitability throughout the entire customer/service/product life cycle.


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