GNI email to telex
GNI email to telex

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GNI SAL has now added two new services to its portfolio of solutions.

Global Network Integrationsí Mission

GNI provides the bridge of technology from legacy systems to the most contemporary solutions available today. Our focus is a top down approach from applications to networks. The seasoned staff of GNI is prepared to assist you with your support, migration and outsource needs.

- The GNI team draws from years of experience in the field of telecommunications & messaging. Our expertise is in understanding the needs of legacy and secure messaging with contemporary solutions.

- As markets and technology continue to evolve, GNI is able to assist both the SME and large corporate clients overcome these corporate challenges.

- Outsourcing through GNI has helped many companies avoid wasted investments in technology and solutions that either continue to require investment or are too costly to manage and operate. In addition to our outsourced solutions, we offer basic messaging services such as telex and fax, at competitive rates.

- GNI also offers business development consultancy services to Telecom carriers, ISPís and technology companies looking to expand their footprint to the Middle East and Africa regions. More details can be found under the services section.
Real time telex voiceREACH:
Send high volume personalized messages over the telephone, through Xpedite's web based interface

Industry Solutions

Inmarsat telex
It's crucial for banks, brokerage firms and exchange houses to distribute information quickly and securely between & to each other. GNI offers convenient, cost-effective, easy to use and secure internet telex and fax

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